Salmon flies

It is nice to have it obove a table on wall there you use to tie flies.

Ask me for price…

This is a fly which use to catch most fish around the world. Custom made…
The wing is of Colobus Polycomos, silk monkey.

These flies below are tied by me using baboon skin. Unfortunately I do not have any for sale….
Price is €6 per fly plus postage. You can see it here:
This fly is b1.


Flies below are classics flies. Each €3 plus postage.
Fly below, Black doctor, is avaliable in 4/0-6 and 4.
Dunkeld, sice 1 only.
Gary, in size 2/ and 4. Price €2.
 Green Highlander in size 4/0-2/0-1- and 4.
Price €2.
 Green butt spey fly in size 2/0 and 2.
 Price €3.
 Mar lodge in size 1 only.
 Price e3.
  Peter Ross in size 1 only.
 Price €2.
 Red butt spey in size 4/0-2/0 and 2.
 Price €2.
 Silver doctor in size 1.
 Price €3
 Thundr & Lighting hair in size 4/0-2/-1 and 6
 Price €2
  T&L in size 6 only, €3.
 Red sandy in size 1/0-2-4 and 8.
 Price €3.