Yak hair

Yak hair is probably the most effective hair material for salmon flies and other large flies for predatory fish like pike and tarpon.

It has the shine of polar bear hair but is softer and thinner in structure, allowing smaller heads on your flies. It does not have under wool like fox or dog hair.

The yak looks shinier when the light hits it; it almost glows…

It is easy to comb out and mix to length and the color which you need for your fly. Dye solutions can be mixed also of course….

To allow a fly fisherman more creativity and lift his hobby to a higher level, Yak hair is sold colorless, in its natural color, or white if you want to see it that way….

You can then dye it any color to fit your own fantasy.

I can also try to help you to dye Yak hair when you choose color which would fit your fantasy.

Some stupid rude clerk at the support department at Tradera Inc with no knowledge about Yak (Bos grunniens) and ignoring Swedish and EU law, prevented the sale of Yak hair on Tradera (part of eBay Inc.) in Sweden.

You can buy Yak hair freely on eBay, but she created her own kingdom where she can practice her “power”…

This is from EU official rule.

Bovidae, Wild Yak which is not an engendered species of buffalo animals.

Bos mutus (I) (Excludes the domesticated form referenced as Bos grunniens which is not subject to the provisions of this Regulation.

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